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The Power of Data

And Knocking on the Right Door

Why buy a billboard on a random highway when you can knock on your prospect’s door? And why knock on all the doors in the neighborhood when only a percentage of them are actual prospects? Sounds like a good idea but how do you go from the highway billboard to the correct front door? The answer is through data mining which enables ever-evolving options to refine your search to reach the right people. Create your target list using geography, gender, age, income, buying habits, online searches and/or numerous others combinations of prospect criteria. We’re working with our customers every day to better target their targeted marketing. We have built relationships with national, regional and local data vendors and we know how to turn your objectives into tangible and usable prospect data. Don’t buy a billboard.


When You Knock on the Door

So you’ve done a lot of work getting to the door of your prospect. You built your campaign around a highly refined and targeted prospect list and now it’s time to get their attention. In print marketing for example, it’s not like you’re going to be the only thing in the mailbox, right? The “review cycle” from the mailbox to either (a) the pile to save or (b) the trash can is measured in seconds—not minutes. This is when it’s time to get noticed. But, how do you do that?

Be lenticular and produce printed images with an illusion of depth or that change as the image is viewed from different angles

Be transparent and reverse your words and images against a clear background so your message is clear

Be variable and leverage a printing process which lets you customize your creative messages with specific customer name and data information so it’s highly personalized

These are only 3 of the many creative ways you can highlight and reinforce your message. We’d be glad to show you many more so that you’re so interesting you always go into the save pile.